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When Is Terrorist not a terrorist? Bin Laden is now the most wanted man; as he replaces Abu Nidhal on America's hate list, Abu Nidhal is held by the Egyptians

Cairo Historic sites in danger:Another irreplaceable historic site was gutted by fire last night

Bint el-Shati'e: Egypt leading Islamic female writer died on 1 December, leaving a rich legacy of books and essays; n insight to the life of a women right's campaigner who reconciled her message with Islamic philosophy, which is often contradicted the feminists' interpretation of life

Egypt has banned the sale of Viagra the pharmacists are angry and threaten strike as they have lost a $90 m worth of sales to black market and Quacks who claim their potions can beat viagra

  Cairo hosts the EU/OAU Conference European Union - Organisation of African Unity. What did they achieve byond  a nice photo call ?

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