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Bin Laden, the man accused by Washington as the mastermind behind United States embassy bombings in Africa declared '' a man without a sin'' on 20 November by a court in Afghanistan

Western Intelligence agencies pool resources and information to break a world wide alleged Islamists' terror network Islamists' Terror Network.

Bombs in American embassies in Africa

Professor Barry Robins on The Bombing

When Is Terrorist not a terrorist? Bin Laden is now the most wanted man; as he replaces Abu Nidhal on America's hate list, Abu Nidhal is held by the Egyptians

Threats to America in the Gulf: The US Navy cancelled shore leave in the region and advised servicemen to be extra cautious. Two years ago this month a bomb went off in the US military compound in Al-Khobor killed several service men. Recent threats by Saudi dissident Osama bin Laden- who is the prime suspect in the attack have also contributed to the tension. Security has been tightened around US at embassies throughout the Middle East. American citizens were advised to be alert and inconspicuous when travelling in the region. The US has withdrawn its Air Force Air Expeditionary Wing from Bahrain's Sheikh Isa airbase. Bahrain had agreed in March to extend the deployment of US aircraft on its territory for a further two months at the height of the crisis between Iraq and the UN over weapons inspections The last of 12 F-117 stealth fighters deployed in Kuwait last November returned to the US on 7 June


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