A New anti US Terror Base in Afghanistan 

By Adel Darwish
April 1998

The Afghan based terror chieftain Saudi Millionaire Osama Bin Laden, who threatened US forces in the region last month is the prime suspect in two explosions that killed 24 US servicemen 1995 & 1996 in Saudi Arabia.

He has been 'guest' of the Taliban government' and vowed to fight America and Israel saying ' The world will see soon' (see more about Bin Laden Laden.html.

Bin laden was one of the links used by the CIA in the 198's to recruit and finance Arab and Islamic young men to fight against the Russian in Afghanistan.

Bin laden, after leaving Saudi Arabia - he fell out with the regime after the 1991 Gulf war - moved to Sudan. He was running and financing terrorist training camps. The camps included Arab terrorists who were originally recruited, financed, armed and trained by the CIA to fight in Afghanistan. They left Pakistan after the Pakistani government threatened to ' dump them on the American embassy in Pakistan', and travelled on Saudi Arabian and other gulf countries documents good for one journey only, on demand from the CIA. But between 1992 and 1995, the terrorists were making the Sudan camps a base to move to Egypt, Algeria and other North African destinations and from there to Europe. There were some Iranian finance and involvement in running those camps. But Sudan asked Bin Laden and his men to leave. Sudan came under pressure from its neighbours and Europe - mainly the French who struck a deal, the recruited over 100 terrorists into an Islamic battalion in their Foreign Legion, and also snatched the famous terrorist Carlos the Jackal-.

Bin Laden has been living with the Taliban fighters since 1995. Last week (May 25) he renewed his threat to continue his crusade against ' infidel' US military presence in the Middle East promising ' results shortly, within weeks' He also did not rile out a strike against Israel and ' all the symbols of the Zionist entity (i.e. Israel).

Many of Bin Laden's men and the so called Afghan Mujahedine, are responsible for some of the world worst terror attacks - including the Algerian massacres, the killing of tourists in Egypt, the New York World Trade Centre bombing and many attacks on US servicemen. It is worth reminding that the whole phenomenon was a CIA creation in early 1980's to fight the Soviet Forces in Afghanistan despite warning from experts not to arm those gangs. Chickens coming home to roost. 

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